There’s a reason we believe in craft beer

Why Drink Craft Beer?

Craft Beer

Just Tastes Better

Taste is a pretty subjective thing – but we’re confident craft beer is a better drinking experience than your regular mainstream beer water. High quality ingredients lovingly brewed by passionate brewers dedicated to making better tasting beer. That’s the formula. That’s why NZ craft beer is loved locally and internationally. That’s why we drink it.

Craft Beer Gives Us

More Choice

One size doesn’t fit all. Different reasons, seasons and cuisine call for a different beer selection. Craft beer offers us the choice to explore and continuously discover new taste experiences. New Zealand has over 200 micro-breweries, each with a unique styles, recipes and tastes. Sometimes it’s impossible to know where to start! That’s where Hopbox hopes to help – the craft beer experience, without the hard decisions.

Craft Beers Tell

Great Stories

We all love watching someone succeed with their side-hustle – and for small breweries many, that’s how it started (or still is). The New Zealand craft beer movement has a true grass roots feeling about it. Some brewers have risked everything to build a brewery or continue to work their day-jobs to pay for their equipment. It’s a world anyone can enter, all you need is endless hard work and enthusiasm – and if you brew great beer – the results will speak for themselves.

Craft Beer Gives Us

The Artwork

We can’t talk about craft beer without a shout-out to the creative minds and artists whose artworks shape the craft beer experience, from silly names to funky illustrations – a craft beer label is always something to behold. Like a book cover or vinyl artwork used to be, the craft beer is today’s unique medium for some of New Zealand’s most talented artists and graphic designers. Respect.

A Genuine Way Of

Supporting Local

The independent craft beer industry supports many local businesses and communities. From Hop farmers growing some of the most sought-after hops in the world, to the barman at your local. Craft beer does a surprisingly great job of keeping the money circulating locally. No more international multinationals taking all the profits off-shore. I’m pretty sure I could be wearing tie-dye and most people would still agree that’s a good thing.

Life is too short to drink crap beer, join the craft beer movement

Cheers to you!